Spa Services


Therapeutic Massage - A deep massage combining multiple techniques, as needed, including trigger point release, Synergetic Myofascial therapy, and assisted stretching. $45 ~ $80 ~ $110

Hot Stone Massage - Using hot lava stones as an extension of the therapist's hands; deeper, more therapeutic work is done in a shorter amount of time and without the discomfort sometimes related to a deep tissue massage. $90 ~ $120

Swedish Massage - A light to medium pressure relaxation massage that reduces stress and increases circulation and lymph flow. $40 ~ $70 ~ $95

Prenatal Massage - A relaxation and pain relief massage, tailored to the needs of an expectant mother's changing body. Expectant mother must be in her second or third trimester to receive service. Consider adding marshmallow melt balm to improve skin tone and elasticity. $45 ~ $80 ~ $110

Sports Massage - Aided stretching to increase flexibility, lymph flow, and flush lactic acid buildup in muscles. $45 ~ $80

Massage Add-Ons:


Skincare & Facials

Surrender and Inhale. The comforting scent of lemongrass is just the beginning. Powered by botanicals, this facial is tailored to your skin's needs. Blending the beauty of both treatment and touch you will be carried beyond traditional skincare.

ZO Signature Facial - A relaxing facial which includes a thorough cleansing, exfoliation and hydration treatment complete with mask and massage. Each facial is customized to your skin type and will leave your skin feeling smooth, soft and radiant.

60 minutes $70.00

Mini Facial - Great for a lunchtime pick me up, or paired with other services. Includes cleansing, exfoliation, and a nurturing mask to focus on your skins immediate needs. This personalized facial will help keep your skin in perfect balance between your regularly scheduled monthly facials.

30 minutes $50.00

ZO Anti-Aging Facial - Utilizes our anti-aging products through our ZO Skin line. This facial includes deep cleansing, exfoliation, hydration, eye and lip treatment, complete with a tightening mask and massage. This will leave those with mature skin looking and feeling more refreshed, smooth and radiant. Products for home use are recommended.

60 minutes $80.00

ZO Acne Facial - Uses top-of-the-line acne products that are gentle enough for those with sensitive, dry skin yet effective enough to help dry and clear up breakouts. Facial includes deep cleansing, exfoliation, extractions if needed, hydration, mask and massage. This will get you started and on your way to clear skin. Products for home use are recommended.

60 minutes $80.00 Blue Light Therapy is recommended. 15 minutes $15.00

Teen Facial - Teens can expect to experience a gentle exfoliation, light extractions, a treatment masque, and hydration.

45 minutes $50.00

Spa Back Facial - This is a deep cleansing treatment that includes cleansing, exfoliation, light extractions, therapeutic serum, toning, and a soothing moisturizer. It is a great treatment for that hard to reach area of the back, designed to keep your back healthy and refreshed.

60 minutes $80.00

Diamond Microdermabrasion - Enjoy younger looking skin with our Diamond Microdermabrasion facial. "Microderm" is a non-surgical skin refinishing procedure that removes skin debris, diminishes sun damage, evens out the texture and pigmentation, and improves the appearance of wrinkles, and acne scarring leaving the skin healthier, softer, and tighter.

45 minutes $65.00

75 minutes $90.00

Chemical Peels - Chemical peels involve applying a solution to the skin to peel away layers of dull, dead skin. Peels may range from a light peel which results in some redness and possible flaking for a few days to a deeper peel which removes several layers of skin and results in increased peeling and redness. Call for a consultation for pricing and skin assessment.

Skin Care Assessment - Not sure which facial is right for you? Do you suffer from dry skin, acne, and hyperpigmentation? Or are you looking for a relaxing treatment? Book your consultation at no charge for you today.


Here at Radiant Reflections, we use a combination of hard and soft wax to accommodate all of our clients.

Brow Shaping


Chin or Lip


Full Face












Extended Bikini




Whole Legs


Half Legs



Classic Lashes


Two Week Refill


Three Week Refill


Lash Lift


Lash Tint


Brow Tint


Lash/Brow Tint


Body Treatments

Salt Glow - A wonderful body exfoliation experience. Dead Sea salts mixed with massage hydrating oils are worked over the entire body. Circulation is stimulated, skin is softened and the body is left feeling soft, relaxed and radiant.

45 minutes $55.00

Paraffin Treatments - Enjoy this intense hydrating treatment designed to leave your body soft, smooth and moisturized.

Hand Treatments - $15.00

Foot Treatments - $20.00

Hand & Foot Treatments - $30.00

Back Treatment - The back is cleansed, exfoliated and hydrated. This is followed with a paraffin treatment to leave the back glowing.

60 minutes $75

Body Wraps Detoxifying $55 Slimming $115
An array of detoxifying herbs, essential oils, and mineral salts are combined and applied to the stomach, arms, and upper legs to slim, purge the body of toxins, and provide a feeling of wellness. The body is cocooned in warmth for about an hour, then unwrapped to reveal a more radiant you

Spa Packages

Reflect and Renew $140 (2 HRS)
Swedish Massage
ZO Mini Facial
Classic Mani
Classic Pedi

Motherhood $170 (2.5 HRS)
Swedish Massage
ZO Signature Facial
Signature Pedicare

Radiant Expreience $225 (3.5 HRS)
Swedish Massage
ZO Signature Facial
Sigature Manicure
Signature Pedicure

Dare to Share
Party of 4 or more
Botox parties - Guests receive 10% off, Hostess 20% off

Design Your Own Package
Three or more treatments 10% discount
Treatments within a package must be used at the same time

Gift Cards
Available in any denomination.
A gift for any occasion!
Services and prices subject to change